Being self-sufficient, and having the real ability to overcome adversity throughout the stages are mandatory conditions to participate in the Portugal Countryside.

Self-reliance is to know that over the entire distance of the stage, the organization will have no pre-programmed points or locations to provide liquid or solid foods. This implies a previous study of the information contained in the race book so you can be self-sufficient and do this “trip” with peace of mind.

The race book will be divided into stages and will contain information on the weather forecast for the day and places where you can, for example, buy food or fill the water tanks, or just know the distance between locations. Careful analysis of this information will make a huge difference in what you carry in your backpack.

The track recorded on GPS will also have some of this information to understand how close you are to them. Taking advantage of these and other GPS functions is very important. It is crucial to avoid some concerns.


622 miles / 14 days