The interior side and the soul of Portugal.

Run stage by stage with no worries other than reaching the finish line and enjoying the journey.
When we thought about the race, we always saw it in rural Portugal, genuine and with almost 1000 years of history. That was the motto for the challenge. Not to be one more but to be a real discovery of a country. This is done, we just have to make some improvements.

Photography: Matias Novo

We have been on the ground and we’re still making minor adjustments. There will be more than 1000 km of paths, Roman sidewalks, villages, cities, castles, gardens, natural parks. We needed to finish the race organic. How will we do it? How will we be able to offer comfort, safety and well being? We thought about camps but the uncertain weather, the logistics of assembly and disassembly, the high costs of providing meals, made us think of the most reasonable and wise solution: the hotels.

The Hotels assure us of the comfort that everyone needs and guarantee a very high quality of service. In the end of stages in hotel units, everyone will just focus on what is important: enjoy the unique and magical moment. We will carry everything to the end … until your wish.

Mais de 1000 km por 1000 anos de história em 14 dias.

Photography: Thiago Diz

We are working to ensure that those who came have an unique and unspeakable experience.

Written by: Paulo Garcia, Diretor de Prova
Superior and preview photography: João Delgado