The idea began to spring when we realized that it was not the distance, not the number of days for this crossing that would stop this project.

One day I arrived at our workplace and said to Quim:
– Quim, start thinking of something in stages, that connects the North to the South of Portugal. Anything for 14 days, but eight hundred miles.

Quim is the biggest supporter of this project. He gave everything he had and presented something just over 800 km. The race was there. A perfect job. Distances, unevenness, stopping places, existing hotel units, prices, points of interest and even average times for the slowest, intermediate and “Joões Oliveiras“of the Ultramarathons.

It was time to hear from our adviser ultra marathoner. We sent everything to David. Everything, the most complete we had. Days later the phone rings and I realize it’s him. I sit comfortably because I know our conversations are long and subjects like cherries. Briefly what David said was:
– Good idea but with restricted audience. One thing I would like to do someday.

What did I hold? “Paul, who makes 860, makes 1000. And 1000 has another impact. It’s four digits.”

– Quim, David said 1000 was better. Have more impact. Work anything, with sense and meaning that goes beyond a thousand kilometers.

Days later brings me a proposal with 1001 km. Today it’s called Portugal Countryside.

A toast?

Photography: Thiago Diz


Written by: Paulo Garcia, Diretor de Prova
Superior and preview photography: Agnelo Quelhas