There will be no other way to be guided in this race.

GPS, or any other navigation device, should therefore be in perfect condition to receive and give very clear information throughout the race.
For some of you GPS is something new and therefore perceived as a complicated device but the simplicity of handling quickly brings comfort and safety. Impossible on temporary marked marks. GPS is the safest and most accurate navigation device we know of. Other geo-referenced devices such as smartphones are welcome as long as they meet the necessary requirements. Only some of this smartphones have the ability to accept files for navigation, record the route and have autonomy for ten or more hours.

Which model do we advise? 

Any model that uses satellite position; that accepts GPX or similar files up to 10,000 points, and can record the entire route that has been taken.
We work with Garmin equipment.

Take note.

Autonomy is the most important in the equipment you have to bring. Equipment that can have batteries replaced at any time during the race is best suited. Do not fall into the temptation to start the race without a good time of adaptation and training with the navigation equipment. Although very easy to handle, it has features that are not immediately understandable. Only with some use, many mistakes and assimilate small features will make a difference during the race. Getting to the race day without any use of the GPS is a huge mistake. A completely unnecessary concern.


622 miles / 14 days