Crossing a country is quite a challenge! Doing it from north to south in 14 days and over 622 miles becomes something else. It becomes an experience of personal transformation.

The idea is to facilitate this “route” in all its perspectives. Whether they are of inner knowledge, introspection, or ability to overcome the many difficulties that will exist. It can also be a path of evasion, mindfulness or pure spirituality, pilgrimage.

Regardless of the “route” you bring in mind, the way we have outlined it is to be as complete as possible. No worries about where to sleep, where to eat or if there’s a hot bath. Whether or not you have clean clothes and nourished food. These are ours.

The paths are many, the authentic people, the genuine places and with long centuries of history. This will be a time for travel and crossing.
Portugal is a small country, but as a huge diversity of customs, accents and even geomorphological traditions. It is a nation with almost 1000 years of history and one of the most stable borders in the world. The bridges with the only country border – Spain is stabilized since 700 years ago in 1297 under the Alcanizes Treaty. A treaty signed by the King of Portugal, D. Dinis and the King of Castile Fernando IV.


622 miles / 14 days